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WK10 Reviewing My Content Posts

Looking over my content so far, I was able to cater content towards my Asian audiences for the last few posts based on feedback I received about honing in a particular audience. I thought it was a bit hard to create content that was inclusive to different groups or think about what people would enjoy reading. But I ultimately decided to make a post about some places to check out for Filipino cuisine and that itself was a struggle since I haven’t been to many and when I searched up Filipino Food, there was quite a bit more selection than I remember there being. I was aware of a few places since I’ve gone to local Filipino restaurants but one place I recommended was Hapag Ihaw-Ihaw which looks delicious and I wouldn’t mind trying that place out the next time.

The other piece I worked on was the featured artist of the week and decided to spotlight XG, an X-POP group of all Japanese members who promote in Korea but sing their songs in English. XG is for everyone and anyone but I wanted to include them because of their Asian background, another way to be inclusive besides focusing on the Filipino community. I enjoyed writing that piece and I could have written more but I liked the fact that I went with a girl group instead of featuring another EDM artist. It’s nice to have some variety so maybe I’ll switch around genres for future artist features.

For my third podcast, I’ve already jotted down some ideas to make it a Filipino talk centered approach so stay tuned for that. I know I want to cover our height stereotypes for sure especially the struggle of being short in sports, but there would be other topics discussed too!


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