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X-POP Girl Group XG Changing the Music Industry

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7 female member music group, all japanese members but sing songs in english
From left to right top row: Cocona, Hinata, Juria, Harvey
Second row: Maya, Jurin, Chisa

This week I’ll be introducing the global girl group, XG, who is under the entertainment production company called XGALX. The company focuses on uniting these young women with bold creativity, dynamic energy, and a strong iconic voice to be able to spread messages on a global scale all over the world. From their website, the girl group is all about becoming a group that can break boundaries through their unique creativity in music and content.

XG is a seven member group of Japanese singers who debuted in March 2022. They are the first group to make their debut from XGALX and the group striver to empower young people all around the world with their fresh, stylish, inventive music and performance. The group is based in Japan but they primarily promote their music and performance in South Korea on Korean music shows alongside Korean artists. Their musical style is unique where it is called X-POP, which is a global music that transcends borders, thus all of XG’s songs are entirely sung in English in order to reach the global scale of audience members.

XG stands for Xtraordinary Girls

We want to embody the meaning of the name to the fullest. We want to be extraordinary. We want to think outside of the box. We want to get away from stereotypes

Jurin, XG, Leader

Although the groups consists of all Japanese nationality, all seven girls were trained according to the K-pop training system for around five years before officially debuting. The group had trained in Korea for a long time and spent majority of the training on honing the basics in terms of dancing and singing. Their periods of hardcore training lead to a successful debut for the girls as their performances on every Korean show and music video were mesmerizing and incredible pieces of work. The song that blew up in popularity for the group was “SHOOTING STAR” which was released along with “LEFT RIGHT” in January 2023. This song was the best expression of the group’s vibe as it had more R&B and hip-hop infused elements into it compared to their previous works.

There’s a part where Chisa sings, ‘All the shooting stars in the dark’ and when I heard it I thought Ah! that’s us! because we’re still in the dark a little bit, but everyone here shines so brightly and each one is such a bright star. I just think that line encapsulates us perfectly

Jurin, XG, Leader

This year, XG were around the world this year as the group performed at KCON in Japan for the first time and were invited to attend the Head in the Clouds festival in both New York and Los Angeles. The group stole the show with exclusive performances at the festival and were welcomed with cheers and applause as the audiences at both events enjoyed the thrilling performances from the girls. XG had surprised fans with live performances of their unit groups featuring “Two Tens” (HARVEY & MAYA), “Nothin” (JURIN & COCONA) and Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” (CHISA, JURIA, & HINATA). The group performed their biggest hits across multiple stages in different countries and I expect the group to do bigger and better things in the future.

With the release of their EP “NEW DNA” in September 2023, each and every song brings out that unique and extraordinary vibe the group was going for. It’s criminal that X-GENE is very short as I saw the potential of the song to be a great hit and would have loved to enjoyed it further. It could have been their  “SHOOTING STAR” as a song to go viral, the rap unit absolutely dominates their verses and it makes fans such as myself wanting more and more of it. But the Juria and Chisa combo at the end is deadly and I would love to hear more of them together like that if it ever became a full length version. The girls knocked it out of the park with this strong mini EP, it’s a great showcase of their music creativity and versatility, and it really shows what the girls are capable of doing. The range of “GIRL GVNG” to “PUPPET SHOW” is amazing, I enjoyed listening to each and every song, while some songs were on the shorter side, it was a great listen nonetheless. The order of the tracks we perfect, listening to the songs in order of appearance heightens the experience because you can tell there’s a type of story flowing and it was executed very well.

What’s next for XG? Their newest single ‘WINTER WITHOUT YOU’ releases soon and in perfect timing for the Christmas winter season. From the voices of their loved ones calling out their names, we can tell this song is going to be an emotional masterpiece by the young girls.

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