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Peer Review #3

Looking Over Hanako’s Artistic Self Online 

homepage of an art site featuring the author edited into a clean teal/blue background with digital elements
Screenshot of Fizz Art homepage with beautiful colourful diversity

For the last peer review of the semester, I got the chance to look over a very artistic and aesthetically pleasing site created by Hanako. I was very impressed with the landing page alone as it starred Hanako herself edited into a background that did not look choppy but very well blended. As you scroll through the home page you can tell that their site is going to be about art as the hyper realistic elements seem to poke out through the screen. I loved the blending of colours from the blue/turquoise to grey/shimmery white into the black with colourful pops of content all in one page.

Their website displays a great sense of skill regarding their artistic expression and what they can do digitally in terms of expressing themselves. Through this review, I’ll provide appreciative and constructive feedback on marketability, discussing what their target audience is and what a viewer can take away from their site.

To start off, the site is an aesthetically wonderful creation that bridges between digital works of art and the real world, as Hanako infuses both sides and sets a tone for their online self. The web design is visually engaging in all aspects starting from the home page, into the art section, and into the vlog section. Each experience in the different sections fosters unique connections for audiences to view and interact with.

Hanako clearly focuses on visual elements within their site to cater to an audience who will enjoy their creativeness throughout the platforms they decide to use. By incorporating images, texts, and videos within the site, their visual appeal complements their artistic persona that can easily be recognized and appreciated.

Their audience is for people who enjoy art and are captivated by the aesthetic visuals that further spark people’s interest. By linking their Instagram and YouTube account, they can promote their art on social medias that young individuals like to engage with. I’ve watched a few of their videos and each one has something unique about it that gets people to keep coming back for more content. You can also see their skills develop from videos years ago to the most recent vlog in NYC. Their skills are progressing and no doubt that future content their create will be very interesting and intriguing.

In terms of marketability and monetization, I believe that Hanako’s site can easily be marketable as an art page. They state that their site is a personal blog but as viewer, it feels as though it is Hanako’s artistic portfolio encompassing all their skills into one page. The concept of their site is nicely made, and the introduction of advertisements and promotional work can easily fit into their theme. Hanako’s skills of video editing, digital design, artistic framework, and overall great understanding of how technology and art work together is easily marketable for the arts community.

To further enhance their site for marketability, I would highly recommend adding tags to optimize search engines (SEO). By incorporating key words into every ‘art’ content through titles, meta tags, and descriptions, it would all be useful in improving the site’s visibility online. The content is clear for the most part but one touch up is having some contextual background information for non-art individuals who are not familiar with certain terms. An example is the Jellyfish’s Transformation, it was an interesting read, but I was lost in what I was meant to understand at the end. I would also suggest making more descriptive titles that people online would be more likely to click on – have short, clear, clickable titles with a concise description. The art event in Japan – a beautifully created piece of content but if the title was more specific about an identity gallery in Tokyo in collaboration with NEORT, it would definitely perform well in viewer counts and engagement.

Event flyer for an "Identity - Crisis and Awareness" art gallery event held in Tokyo, Japan. Flyer describes the behind the scene's context and inspiration for final design concept.
Screenshot of Hanako’s “Identity” Gallery Pop-up in Tokyo, Japan

Overall, Hanako’s site is artistic masterpiece that deserves more viewer engagement and I believe they can achieve that in due time. They cater to audiences who enjoy art or have a love for aesthetically pleasing visuals that renders viewers curious towards future works. Fizz Art exhibits strong marketability with their diverse set of artistic approaches and their attention to detail within their works and design. By taking in my suggestions for optimizing their SEO, the website has the potential to reach bigger and broader audiences through their creative prowess.

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