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WK9 Monetizing My Site & Target Focus

Our guest lecturer this week was Trevor Battye, who covered topics regarding monetizing your audience based off the content on one’s website. One key note I took down was that regardless of the medium, everyone is selling something on their page. It may not be a product itself but it can be ideas and honing in on communities to generate your content to others – spreading your website awareness. It made me wonder what I’m selling on my site when its full of different grains with different outcomes.

After Trevor’s presentation I personally asked how I could have monetized my website when Maltigrains revolves around a personal blog with many different ideas and content posts. He gave me the suggestion to narrow down who my audience is and who I want to attract, specifically it could be in the EDM scene or an Asian/Filipino focus because I mentioned content regarding Asian artists and athletes. I took his suggestion and put it into play, to try and cater my next few posts to the Asian/Filipino community in hopes it would be of their interest to engage in.

This whole topic sparked a rebrand for Maltigrains but I didn’t want to commit to a full rebrand considering how content I am with my previous works on my page. I decided that I could cater future content towards a more local focus of rating Filipino restaurants, the lack of Filipino news regarding culture events and artists coming into town. I had a conversation with Trevor how within the Filipino community there is a lack of intel regarding media information being spread to Filipinos for Filipinos. How the younger generations cannot rely on TFC (The Filipino Channel network on TV) as their main source of information because not everyone has the channel nor watches television often. I agreed that if I can in the least create content to share information and represent Filipino pride within the Vancouver community, that it would make my site beneficial and something to look forward to. I wouldn’t be limited to Filipino content explicitly but I think a good generalization towards the Filipino community in the Vancouver scene is something for me to consider.

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