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An Army of Green Little Creatures are Unboxed and Displayed

The Weekly Grain of Malt presents a stop motion animation of a Smiski unboxing from different series. Please enjoy the curious little glow in the dark creatures as they make way to their new home.

Smiskis are based from Japan and are blind boxes featuring six Smiski styles following a theme, plus a secret rare Smiski. The boxes come packaged randomly and all the joy comes from guessing which one you’ll get and choosing your top favourites and least favourites. The different box series featured in the video include: Bath, Living, Yoga, Work, Toilet, and Bed.

I had my friend who recently visited Japan grab me some Smiskis and this is the result of the haul! My favourite pulls from the unboxing would have to be the triplet mini Smiskis from the Work series and the cute flute fellow from the Living series. I would say this was a pretty successful unboxing and that I’m very pleased with all the ones I got. I thought that the bath Smiski was pretty lame but I realized after the fact that it was a super secret Smiski. My first secret Smiski! Now it’s no longer lame but something cool and worth showing.

Money was well spent on these little guys and I will gladly continue to collect more Smiskis and hopefully collect a full series for at least one collection.

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