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WK6 F1 Interest and Filipino Representation

This week’s content post is centered around Bianca Bustamante and her achievement in the racing league due to my recent interest in her and F1 itself. I had learnt about Bustamante through TikTok when her videos randomly appeared on my for you page and for F1, I’ve known about the racing league for awhile but never truly delved into it. I decided to make a news article type of style featuring Bustamante because I found the recent news to be very empowering. A young Filipina woman making huge moves by joining McLaren, a top racing league, as their first female driver is insane to witness. I had generally known about F1 from peers and the big names that come out of it such as Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren. But when I had come across Bustamante’s videos I hadn’t known about F1 academy nor what that really meant until further research. It’s wonderful that F1 Academy is offering a great space to increase participation and talent pools of young girls and women entering the racing sport. While the Academy system is still new, I know that with due time, these aspiring athletes will reach high divisions and make their premier in F1 soon.

Bustamante wins race and holding up Filipino flag
Bustamante win in Italy, Image taken from her site page

I also had wanted to make a post about Bustamante for a piece of Filipino representation on my page, I had been thinking about what content I wanted to post and I really wanted to highlight a rising female POC racer in the F1 Academy. Since my site is currently the grains and pieces of my everyday life, I thought it would be fitting to have some type of Filipino representation or more Asian influences on my page. By writing an article piece on Bustamante, it made me proud as a Filipina to cheer on another Filipina in the sports scene that is thriving and making her up into the formula series standings. One of the articles I cited was CNN Philippines and I love the fact that she was able to complete an interview for the viewers back home and relay a touching message to all the supporters in Tagalog. Congrats to Bia for joining the Papaya family and I wish her all in the best in the McLaren programme as their newest F4 driver.

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