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Grain of Malt Podcast: EP1 Baristas Unveiled

Enjoy this first episode in the Life of a Malt series podcast with my dear friends Ciara and Dhenzel off cam 🙂

Recorded on October 5th, 2023

EP1: In this episode we open up the podcast with individual introductions then moving on to the topic of what job we each think would be fun if all three people present worked there. We stay on this topic for quite a bit as we all agreed that being baristas would be a great time but also not … We all go on to talk about our experiences as and with baristas and the stories that come out of working in a coffee shop. We also dive into working at retail stores and our experiences that seem all so universal of customers rummaging through clothes and making a mess. Then we move on to the smell that lingers on you and your clothes after working in a coffee shop/restaurant and how that smell is not pleasant.

Lots of Starbucks talk so Starbucks baristas please tune in and maybe you resonate with these stories too. Then we move on to the topic of delivery drivers, how some people can be ruthless when dropping off items or picking items up. Later it goes into customers being ruthless at Starbucks with their orders. We eventually move on to the topic of being a cashier and handling cash from customers and how the coins they hold becomes all hot and sweaty.

The last 15 minutes dive into the last main topic of, is eating a chore and whether or not we eat to live or live to eat. We all discuss our thoughts, our one meal that we can never go wrong with, and last but not least, tipping culture.

Hope you all enjoy!

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