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WK3 Planning the Site

How my site came to be

As mentioned in my previous process post, I went with this clean and simple theme that is easy to navigate with menus and categories straight to the point. I originally opted for the menu hub to be the on top right side but its customary to read left to read in most cases so I followed that. Made it so all the content is on the top left and if people want to search for something specific then they can do so on the top right.

My PUB101 content will live under that exact title along the menu bar with specific categories. Weekly content that is posted will appear in the middle of the home page with a big title typically accustomed with featured image.

Sketched drawing of proposed website design layout with menu and search bar
Hand sketched drawing of planned website layout

The image above directly represents my website layout with a new post featured in the middle, previous content directly below, and an easy to navigate category menu on the top left. Having two posts together doesn’t give a too cluttered feel of the website and that is something I want to avoid. By having featured images it also gives my site a pop of colour while also showcasing my personality with every post.

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