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Meet the Grain of Malt

young female sitting outside smiling for the camera in a Korean historical palace background
Top half body image of admin Stephanie Malt

Stephanie Malt

Hello everyone! I’m your Weekly Grain of Malt, Stephanie Malt, and this is my site for weekly adventures of a Malt’s life.

A little bit about this grain of Malt, I am a fourth year Communications student at Simon Fraser University who is also pursing a Publishing minor. I’m a student, a worker, a raver, a gamer, an anime enjoyer, a gym-enthusiast, and most importantly a Malt grain!

I’ve taken it upon me to make a pun regarding my last name ‘Malt’ and rephrase the statement ‘grain of salt’ to ”grain of malt.’ Instead of multigrain it became Maltigrain since Malt is a barley and a barley is a grain! I had learnt throughout my life that Malt meant a lot of things and that it encompassed many different aspects besides being a grain and I wanted to use that as inspiration for my site – to encompass so many different topics and pieces of me into one space, one title, one grain of Malt.

Through weekly posts I hope to share my life as a living Malt grain with others in cool and exciting ways. Look forward to podcasts, potential SMISKI unboxings, rave venue tier rankings, suggested workout splits, game reviews, and many more!

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