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WK5 Creating a More Accessible Site

Maltigrains menu bar specifically looking at content with a podcast dropbar
Changing Maltigrains Menu Bar

After the first round of peer reviews, I took the feedback I had gotten from my peer and made changes regarding¬†a few content posts dates as I had posted 3 pieces of work on the same day. The feedback was to change the dates a week apart to fit with my website theme of “Weekly” Grain of Malt posts. I found this very helpful and had changed the dates for two posts to fit it where each week followed a content post. Another suggestion was to change my Menu of ‘blogs’ into ‘content’ which I agree too, it fits my theme better. Since the all the materials I’ve posted vary in content and structure, it was better off to relabel it since not all posts fit a blog style.¬†

One of the projects I am still working on is accessibility on my website and what to do in regard to the first podcast I had posted. I had asked Suzanne if there was a need for transcriptions with the podcast considering the factor that I may have users with impaired hearing and if I should go back and write scripts. She had notified me that if I had the time to relisten and type everything out, it would be great appreciated. home page for studio-quality recordings and audio sessions. Free site and has a subscription plan.
Podcast Recording Software I’ve used

For my podcast, I used a studio-quality recording site titled where I’m able to record myself and all my guests in one space and alter audio levels quite easily. I’ve only worked with this site so far in terms of audio recording in small groups and I recommend it because when you go into the editing studio, transcriptions are automatically created – given, you would still need to edit some bits as not all text was accurate to what was said. Thus, I’m working towards creating a file to link within my podcast post of the entire transcription for all users to access.

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