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WK2 The Blogging Progress

WordPress Setup and Configuration

This site is titled “The Weekly Grain of Malt” and I would love for this site to become a place where I can create and post blogs, reviews, podcasts, travelling advice, and more. I want to have a variety of content featured within this site because I personally enjoy many different things and it would nice to share it all in one place for others to see.

This week I choose a simple theme in the meantime to get things sorted out but I would ideally like to keep it clean, simple, and easy to navigate through all the content. I decided on this white clean theme but hopefully I’ll be able to spice it up with colour and pictures once I figure that out slowly but surely.

The setup this week is choosing a theme, slowly edit bits and pieces of the site to be more appealing and hopefully add more colour to this black and white contrast without having to pay for pro themes. This week I’ve also created posts and with every post I hope to include a picture that I’ve taken or something that would match me and my website via online pictures.

The vision board I created for ‘MaltiGrains’ is the bits and pieces of my life as a Malt, Stephanie Malt. So far my mini assignment is a rave festival meme, and my first process post is about my recent trip in South Korea. I would say that my content is on par of my creation in regards to being everywhere and all over the place with ideas. In regards to content structure, I want to follow a simple format of organizing categories for simplicity, tagging posts with relevant information and making sure the font and structure is easy to read.

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