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WK4 Aiming for a Target Audience

Any bodies and Every bodies

The audience the I have been imaging that would come across my page is young adults, late teens, and individuals in their twenties. That would be my guess for the people engaging in my content but if people in their 30s and older are interested in my content then by all means. It’s hard to pinpoint an age group when my interests can be anyone’s interest as well. If someone in their early teens likes to collect Smiskis too, then awesome!

I imagine my audience to be people that would have some similar tastes whether it be travelling, gaming, raving, collecting items, or into podcasts. I would like my audience to be educated and aware of different likes and hobbies of others and maybe it could spark their interest. I plan to do a featured EDM artists to show the different styles and versatility of the EDM genre. For future podcasts I want to include a gaming corner segment to talk about anything of everything of games, the communities, twitch streamers, etc. With all that said, the design of my website is set to be simple but eye-catching with the featured images mostly taken by myself. I made it so that it would fit the likes of a younger audience but also young adults who enjoy simplicity.

Overall, I want my site to be for any body and for every body. When writing my posts I want to keep it casual but also formal when talking about certain topics. I want this to site to be a mature but funny page that people wouldn’t mind coming back to.

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