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Finding the Best of Filipino Eats in Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is home to lots of different cultures with a variety of food options available across the cities in the lower Mainland. Ranging from Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean to Middle-Eastern, Indian, and French cuisine, there are a ton of good eats to grab within the city how but what about finding Filipino cuisine?

Filipino cuisine is typically more oriented towards a family party style of huge portions that reflect their cultural style so I find it hard to search for places that would replicate that sense of home within a dish. There are some Filipino restaurant chains that are more on the trendy and popular end while others are not as well known but still offer that comfort of food from back home in the Philippines. Here’s a few options to check out in the lower mainland that range from restaurants to food trucks:

Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

With two locations, one on Commercial Dr, Vancouver and the other in Glen Dr, Coquitlam, Kulinarya caters to family favourite dishes of traditional food to give Filipinos a sense of home while catering to non-Filipinos the opportunity to try new type of cuisine. From their website, Kulinarya strays “away from a fast-food style approach” and their menu ranges from classic lumpia appetizers to sisig and traditional bamboo style servings that encourage guests to eat meals with their hands.

Hapag Ihaw-Ihaw Restaruant

Satisfy your cravings at this eatery with plenty of delicious dishes on the menu. This great spot is on Victoria Drive and is a must try for Filipino cuisine lovers or wanting to try new dishes. The restaurant showcases authentic Filipino cooking that brings you back home to the Philippines. Make sure to leave some room for dessert as the ube cheesecake is one for the books!


A small cozy family owned spot in Surrey for quick eats and great tastes. Located in a convenient spot near Guildford Mall, Filipino home cooked meals are readily available. The space is quite small but it gets the job done so if you’re planning on bringing a big group, call head and reserve space! Archie’s provides great homey food in the heart of Surrey.

Shameless Buns

While this is not a restaurant, it deserves a mention as a place to knock off on one’s food truck list. The roaming food truck features a Jeepney style look of a truck serving up Filipino goodness by using a traditional Filipino bread roll called Pandesal – it’s light, sweet, and perfect for sweet and savory dishes. Favourite meals I’ve tried include adobo fries, beef tapa on a Pandesal bun, and a classic Filipino ice candy (freezie). They’re always on the move so make sure to check out their site to see where they’ll be for the day.



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