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10 Best Steam Games to Play with Friends on PC

Here is my personal list of top PC steam games to play with friends that will have you raging, laughing, and crying all at once!

Stephanie M

We all enjoy having a great time with friends but why not take it a step further and have a fun time online when you can’t meet up in person. Introducing online gaming, applications such as Steam is a great video game digital distribution service that naturally caters to multiplayer by featuring a whole plethora of games across many genres. Ever since the pandemic, the multiplayer gaming market has seen a surge in popularity and developers have been making brand new games to cater to new players. Multiplayer games allow the players to work together towards a common goal; more often than not it ends up driving your friends crazy or making them laugh like hyenas.

I’ve compiled this list together that is broken into two categories; co-op and multiplayer, for people to help find what they’re looking for. A reminder that these games in the list are based on my own personal opinion and games I have previously played and enjoyed. There are a lot more out there in the market but these are some of my favourites that I’ve had a lot of fun with!


Best co-op games

5. Terraria
A 2D style survival game that mimics Minecraft is Terraria, though it offers a slightly different survival sandbox experience. While it is an older game (released in 2011) it is still a classic retro game that is bound to bring entertainment for hours on end. The entire world is destructible, and by breaking blocks you collect resources that can help with building structures and making gear. I would say that this game is more combat and adventure focused and those aspects make the game pretty fun to play with pals.

4. Golf With Friends
In a golf chaos, battle against your friends to win first place on crazy maps. It’s golf … but with friends! You can play up to 11 other friends in themed course maps with unique mechanics and holes. If you ever get bored of the standard maps given, there’s people in the steam community that have created their own custom maps for people to play so there’s always something new to try. You can customize your golf ball’s colour and whether or not you want to equip a headpiece too! Tip: have collision on to make things even more eventful between you and your friends.

3. Overcooked Series
The best game to make it or break it for friendships and relationships, the true test to whether you will last or not. This game is a chaotic co-op of cooking adventures and coordination of players to prep, cook, and serve dishes to customers in a matter of time. It sounds simple enough but as you progress in levels the difficulty raises due to players only being stuck on one side, floors collapsing, kitchens moving and changing, and so forth.

2. Party Animals
The newest game on the market has finally been released and it’s the perfect must-have for upcoming gatherings. Playing as different types of animals you and your teammates work together in beating up, knocking out, and pushing your opponents off the edge to secure the victory. With the wonky physics of how the characters move it provides comic relief especially when an animal gets knocked out. It’s similar to Gang Beasts but I think this personally takes the cake over that game because of the item drops that can be used on opponents and the map diversity.

1. Pummel Party
Looking for a Mario Party clone but with a bit more destruction? Check out Pummel Party, it’s a 4-8 player game but perfectly fine to play as a trio. You can pummel with friends or have an AI bot fill in (warning: sometimes the bots are OP or sometimes they suck so bad). It has similar features of Mario Party where the goal is gain keys from minigames and spots on the game board but the first to win 4 trophies is crowned winner. The items you can win and gain from minigames cause a war itself. You can rocket to the nearest treasure chest, you can use a punching glove to lower a players health, and you can even swap places with someone! There are lots of game changing items that can be used to secure trophies but it can also make your friends rage and lose face.

Within lobbies you can also customize the award ceremony that is held at the end of the game so if you were second place with one trophy off from winning you might be able to have the chance to win in the end. Make sure to get the most damage, lose the most amount of keys, win a lot of minigames, and from there you can be crowned extra trophies at the end and leave everyone wondering who will actually be crowned #1.

Best multiplayer games

5. Among Us
The classic and iconic Among Us had to be on the list for being one of THE top games during 2020 and the pandemic. If you haven’t had a chance to see what’s all the hype about this game, it’s essentially mafia but with tasks .. and you’re on a spaceship. Players get assigned into roles of a crewmate performing tasks throughout the game but there’s an imposter amongst the crew causing chaos. Within this space your bluffing skills are put to the test and the stealthiest and sneakiest imposters will prevail .. and will possibly ruin trust in friendships. I personally can no longer play this game anymore because of how riled up my friends have gotten but it definitely was a fun game to play at the time.

4. Escape Simulator
Work together or alone in this first person puzzle multiplayer game. Explore a variety of interactive themed escape rooms. Just like a real escape room, not everything in one room will be used to help in the next so mess around with everything and pray you’ll figure out the clues. It’s a great game to make you upset at your friends when they had the piece you needed to complete the puzzle in their inventory for 10 minutes. Overall, it’s a great game to showcase one persons 10IQ brain to someone else’s 200IQ brain, very fun, would recommend, especially the new Portal DLC update!

3. Pico Park
Get mad with your friends in a game that involves coordination and trust in your teammates. The goal is simple, gather all the keys and get to the goal to clear out the level but of course there’s gimmicks that will prevent it from being that easy. You go from working so well with your friends to yelling at a person blocking your path with a cube. There’s also quite of bit of synchronization that needs to be done in order to get keys and those moments … good luck on maintaining your friendships at that point.

2. Phasmophobia
Embark on spooky adventures with your friends at any point in the year! This dark, psychological horror environment has gotten even spookier with every update that it will leave players scared for their lives. While the game is meant to play with four people, it is capable of playing with two people as well. As a team, you will have a van of equipment that will help you to gather evidence in the spooky haunted map where a ghost roams. The end goal is to correctly guess the ghost type and gain evidence that will reward you money at the end of the run. Be careful though, if you get caught by the ghost you’ll die and lose all your items and be awarded little money. This game truly shows which friends are going to stay by your side or leave you in the dark when a hunt happens.

1. Raft
There’s nothing like getting thrown into the ocean with nothing but a few planks to keep you and your friends afloat in the open ocean. In this oceanic adventure, alone or together with friends you’ll try to survive in the vast sea by gathering debris, scavenging for items, and building your own raft. While there is a story line that players can follow, it is a lot more fun trying to survive in the ocean and battling against the sharks in the sea.

On your raft you can farm, cook, research, navigate, craft, build, and so much more that you can just leave that one friend to do all the shark killing while one person makes the raft look pretty. 10/10 game would play it over and over again for the chill vibes despite being finished with the storyline. You can do so much with customizing your raft that I would much rather play to only build the raft and fight off the sharks.
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