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Grain of Malt Podcast: EP3

Recorded on December 2nd, 2023 

This third episode in my podcast series features a repeat guest or Mr. Josh and a new guest Mr. Ian. We start off with our Spotify Wrapped information about who our top artists were, top genre, and our top songs. We talk a bit about the recent K-POP award show MAMA, specifically the male group SEVENTEEN and BTS. Then it slowly drifts into the BTS members’ solo albums with a good few minutes spent chatting about BTS Jung Kook’s solo album titled “Golden.” Then the remaining of the podcast dives into topics about sports, sport injuries, whether we continued to pursue sports and why we stopped. The latter half of the episode then covers Filipino stereotypes, since all guests are Filipino, we shared stories and personal experiences with how it’s like to be a short Filipino in sports. 

If you’re a fan of Filipino food or Japanese professional volleyball players, we talk about them near the end of the podcast so stay tuned for some engaging insights and conversations on those topics!



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